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  • Released : May 26, 2019
  • Last Updated : June 29, 2020
  • Categories : Security

Goals & Objectives

The Palo Alto Networks -PCNSE Certification Labs helps you practice for the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) Examination. The Labs covers Working with Gaia Portal, Security Policy, Static NAT, Managing Backups, Licenses, and Contracts, Check Point Logs, Site-to-Site VPN, User Access, Cluster XL, CP View. The Palo Alto Networks -PCNSE Certification lab is completely virtual with the freedom to access from anywhere, anytime, removing any hardware dependencies associated with physical infrastructure.

How to Access Labs Labs can be accessed in just three simple clicks. You are required to have only a high-speed internet to access the labs.

Step 1: Purchase the desired Labs

Step 2: Log in to our Racks through the Internet.

Step 3: Click on Lab and start the practicals.

Lab Outline

  • IPv4 Static and Default Routing
  • IPv4 RIP
  • IPv4 OSPF
  • IPv4 BGP
  • IPv4 Traffic Forwarding From One Zone to Another Zone
  • IPv4 Network Address Translation
  • IPv6 Static and Default Routing
  • IPv6 OSPFv3
  • IPv6 MP-BGP-4
  • IPv6 Traffic Forwarding From One Zone to Another Zone
  • IPv6 Network Address Translation
  • Site-Site VPN IPv4 IKEv1
  • Site-Site VPN IPv4 IKEv2
  • Site-Site VPN IPv6 IKEv1
  • Site-Site VPN IPv6 IKEv2
  • Transparent Firewall IPv4
  • Transparent Firewall IPv6
  • HA Active-Passive IPv4
  • HA Active-Passive IPv6
  • HA Transparent Mode IPv4
  • HA Transparent Mode IPv6
  • Certificate Management How to Install a CA Signed Certificate
  • Certificate Management How to Generate Self-Signed Certificate
  • Certificate Management How to Install PA-Self-Signed Certificate on Windows PC
  • Security Decryption Profiles
  • Security Profiles URL-Filter Profiles
  • Security Profiles Antivirus Profile
  • Security Profiles File Blocking Profiles
  • Security Profiles Anti-Spyware Profile
  • Security Profiles Dos Protection Profile
  • Security Profiles Vulnerabilities Profiles
  • Security Profiles WildFire
  • GlobalProtect
  • PAN-OS and Anti-Virtus and WildeFire and Content Upgrade
  • User-ID
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Captive-Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any Remote Desktop Tool (RDP) to access the Labs?

No, you do not require any Remote Desktop Tool (RDP) or any other tool to access these labs. You will be provided with login ID and Password and you can log in and access the labs right away.

Do I need to install any kind of software in my machine to access the labs?

No, you do not require to install any software in your machine. You require only high-speed internet to access the labs.

How do I contact for support?

Sometimes, you just need a bit of help. Luckily, our wonderful Support team is always at the ready. You can reach our support team by writing at [email protected] Our support team works Monday-Friday from 8 AM-6 PM Eastern Time. Our Team can take up to 48 working hours to respond to your issue.

How long do I have access to the Labs?

Labs are purchased in hours, the timer starts when you click Start Lab. You can check the Lab access time in your dashboard once you login to the lab portal. The lab will ends when the timer runs out.

What if I run out of time and need more hours of access?

You can always reach our customer support at [email protected] for additional hours of lab access or you can directly purchase the labs from the website page.

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